SECTION 9. Closing of the training project. – The Director General may terminate any training program or project if the evaluation proves that the centre/project has not met the requirements of the approved project proposal or if any of the provisions of the memorandum agreement are violated. coverage of the incentive system. – Subject to these rules, training costs related to organized labour training programs may be deducted from the taxable income of the person or company concerned, provided that these training programs have been submitted to the NMYC for evaluation and approval, with the exception of the training programs covered by the apprenticeship program. Training programs implemented by training organizations and/or for-profit associations are not eligible for this incentive scheme. Practical and theoretical knowledge is assessed and credit is included in the apprenticeship contract, which leads to the reduction of training and service as the basis for promoting a higher level of pay. This credit is expressed in hours. Cralaw SECTION 8. Eligible training expenses. – NMYC training assistance takes the form of personal services, travel expenses, equipment, training tools, training equipment and equipment, and a reasonable amount for contingencies. Application of the agreement. – No one can take steps to enforce an apprenticeship contract or seek compensation for breach of that agreement, unless they have exhausted all available administrative remedies.

The Apprenticeship Committee is primarily responsible for resolving disputes arising from apprenticeship contracts. SECTION 10. Incentive system. – the person or business concerned benefits from an additional deduction from the value of vocational training expenses related to the development or improvement of the productivity and efficiency of the unskilled labour force or management development programmes, taxable income; To the extent that such a training programme is approved by the Board and it is also expected that this deduction will not exceed 10% of direct remuneration. The Director General is authorized to enter into agreements. – The Director-General, on behalf of the Council, concludes, on behalf of the Council, the agreements necessary for the implementation of personnel programmes and, at the request of Filipino citizens, acts for training in other countries. Hours of work. – The apprentice`s working time must not exceed the maximum working time provided by law for a worker of his age and gender. The time spent in the corresponding theoretical instructions is considered working time and, at the same time as the period of computer training of the work done in the workplace, is calculated in agreement with the appropriate periods for wage increases to the apprentice.

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