Example 4.2 of the above referee qualification is called the „Super Two” exception in which a player has an additional year of refereeing. [21] Nolan Arenado, Chris Archer, Anthony Rendon and Avisail Garcia are among the best known. [23] Following the salary arbitration procedure, the player and the team submit a salary offer for a new contract. The referee chooses one or the other number based on the offer is closest to the salaries of players with similar skill and service time. In addition, there is a special class of players called „Super 2s.” A Super 2 is a player who has between two and three years of service, has at least 86 days of service in the second year and ranks in the top 22 percent of players who enter this classification. A Super 2 player has three years as a legitimate player pre-referee and four years of refereeing, while a player who does not deserve super 2 status will have three years of salary arbitration after their four pre-referees. Players who are not entitled to a free agency or salary arbitration procedure are very rarely offered contracts for much more than the league`s minimum wage, as the player does not resort to getting a better salary elsewhere. For this reason, in the first three major years of their careers (with the exception of „Super Two” above), it is common practice for players to accept relatively low salaries, even if their performances are excellent. From time to time, a team may want to commit a player to a long-term contract in its second or third year, and the resulting negotiations may include salaries well above the minimum.

A recent example is the contract that Ryan Braun signed for less than a year in his major league career, which would have led him until 2015. In April 2011, he and the Milwaukee Brewers extended that contract until 2020. [25] A pre-referee player will generally be a player with less than three years of service, while a player who has at least three years of service but less than six years of age, has the right to participate in salary arbitration. In some cases, players who reach a certain service-time threshold are eligible for arbitration a year earlier – which is known as Super Two-Spieler. Starting in the 2012 season, MLB allows you to negotiate with a certain class of draft picks. As part of a new collective agreement between MLB and its players` union, each team receives a „bonus pool” – a specified amount of money that it can use to sign its draft picks for this year. Teams that exceed their threshold may be penalized by losing one or more future draft picks. These draft picks will eventually be in the possession of teams with small revenues that they can negotiate if they wish.

The first choices awarded under this program were for the 2013 project. [6] This is not a subject to which fans often pay some time or attention, but from next Monday (February 3), arbitration hearings begin for referees who have not been able to negotiate a contract with their team before the salary exchange date.

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